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"My mission is to assist businesses to be successful by creating supportive and healthy workplaces, enabling their staff to reach their full potential and to thrive."


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Foundations of Wellbeing

 How effectively does your business provide a positive and supportive environment for your employees to thrive?

Three key areas to examine include:

  • Your business structure,

  • Your culture and environment

  • Your policies and processes

Leading for a new Era 

How committed are your leaders to understanding and implementing effective wellbeing practices for their teams?

3 key areas for leaders to improve their leadership

1. Increase their self-awareness

2. Examine the effectiveness of their leadership style.

3. Develop practical strategies to implement wellbeing practices

A new way of thinking 

How skilled are your leaders and wellbeing champions in understanding and implementing wellbeing practices?

Learn about topics such as:

  • Self-Assessment. How healthy are you?

  • Leading for Wellbeing

  • Stress Buster tools

Wellbeing at work 

Do you have a range of tools, techniques and activities to assist you develop your wellbeing at work?

3 aspects  of emotional and mental wellbeing include:

  • Connection

  • Confidence

  • Calm

Meet Ulli

Wellbeing Consultant, Coach & Facilitator

Over the last few years. the 'goalposts' for businesses have shifted dramatically. Old paradigms, assumptions and ways of working are no longer effective.

As as business consultant I provide businesses with frameworks, ideas and tools to assist them navigate the complexities of the new workplace.

As an educator and coach I provide new information, ideas, strategies and support to empower leaders to create healthy and supportive workplaces.


I assist my clients to learn new and empowering ways of thinking, releasing themselves of the beliefs, mindsets and behaviours that are limiting their ability to grow and to develop themselves professionally and personally.



"Wellbeing is no longer optional for businesses but is critical for their sustainability and continued success. 

Employees who feel supported are more productive, creative, engaged and committed to their work"

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