Do you want to achieve some key personal or professional goals this year?

Do you sometimes find it difficult to know how to start, or lose motivation and momentum as you go along?


As we all know, despite our best intentions, change is not easy. Desire and motivation are not always enough. So what stops us or gets in the way? Often we sabotage ourselves without really realising it. Our subconscious beliefs, values and thoughts actually prevent us from achieving our goals. Being able to surface these beliefs and change them is harder than you think. Just becoming more determined and self-disciplined does not work in the long term.


Hypno- Coaching is a new approach to personal and professional coaching which unlocks your full potential and removes the barriers to achieving your goals. It also works on helping you to tap into your intuition and unlock all your capabilities.


It can help you with:


  • Reassessing your life direction

  • Finding your true purpose

  • Career changes

  • Improving relationships

  • Goal achievement


The benefits of Hypno-Coaching include:


  • Greater understanding of self and what specifically stops you from living your desired life

  • Setting more strategic, holistic and realistic goals

  • Greater understanding of and control of own thoughts

  • Greater confidence and renewed sense of purpose

  • Practical ideas, tools and techniques to assist you reach your full potential

  • A supportive ‘partner’ to assist you achieve your plan of action


The program consists of either 3 or 6, or 9 one on one coaching sessions of 1 hour over 3 or 6 months.