Meet Ulli

Hypnotherapist, Educator and Counsellor

With a varied career including a high school language teacher, client services officer, branch manager, corporate trainer and organisational change specialist, mentor and coach, the common theme in all of these roles is to help others to learn.


As a corporate facilitator, mentor and coach working with individuals, teams and organisations my focus was on assisting them to develop the appropriate capabilities, mindset and behaviours to achieve effective change.


My passion for learning and self development combined with a desire to help others transform their lives has led me to my current profession as counsellor and hypnotherapist.


Hypnotherapy is an amazing modality which enables you to get to the root cause of someone's challenge and assist them to eliminate self-defeating behaviours and mindsets.


Having started off my working life as a teacher, I also have a special passion and interest in working with children to assist them become responsible, resilient and fulfilled adults.


I particularly enjoy working one on one with people to assist them make positive transformations in their lives, using a combination of counselling, coaching and hypnotherapy. 


My formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts Degree, a Diploma of Education, a Master of Business (Organisation Behaviour) and Certificate of Hypnotherapy.


My accreditations include:


  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator

  • Situational Leadership

  • Team Management Index

  • Genos Emotional Intelligence

  • Life Styles Inventory (personal and cultural change)

  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

  • The Enneagram

  • MEWS ( Management and Executive Wellbeing Survey)

  • Evidence Based Emotional Freedom Technique