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Facilitation                    &            Workshops

I assist teams, groups and leaders to discuss and develop creative solutions and outcomes for the following activities.

  • Redefine your business mission, vision and purpose

  • Articulate your values and develop strategies for the culture you wish to create

  • Build leadership team cohesion and effectiveness

  • Team discussion and strategies for improving wellness at work.

These workshops are designed to assist you improve wellbeing in your workplace and can be tailored to your specific needs.

3 Hour workshops

Wellbeing at Work.

  • How healthy are you? A self- assessment

  • The 5 components of Wellbeing

  • Developing your wellbeing portfolio

Leading for Wellbeing

  • Conscious leadership

  • Your mind at work

  • Above/ below the line behaviours

  • Leading for change


Your Stress buster tools

Practical tools and techniques to help you manage stress more effectively, develop confidence and build resilience


Bite Size On-Line mini workshops ( 30 mins)

Practical tips & techniques to improve your wellbeing at work on topics such as Mindfulness, Emotional Freedom technique,  the 7 traits of Confidence, Building Positive Relationships, Avoiding Burnout


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