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Our wellbeing can be hampered by our ingrained beliefs, thought patterns and habits, many of which are subconscious and therefore difficult to remove. Some common limiting beliefs often stem from childhood and revolve around feeling inadequate or ‘not good enough’, shame or guilt from behaviours considered inappropriate, and self doubt from an inability to trust our own decisions.

Negative and restricting thought patterns include ‘black and white’ thinking, catastrophising, and personalisation which can lead to anxiety and depression, while negative habits such as addictions generally stem from our need to feel safe.

Hypnotherapy helps a person to surface and understand their limiting beliefs, habits and thought patterns and uses a range of processes to help eliminate these, reframing beliefs and thoughts to create positive and empowering change. It helps people to change negative patterns and habits by identifying the underlying needs and creating new positive habits to meet these.

What's Keeping you Stuck?

Workshop 28th October, 12.20pm-1pm

Abbotsford Convent


We all aspire to live our lives to achieve our full potential. Much of our efforts are spent on creating happiness, being positive and minimizing challenges. Yet often we still don't achieve what we set out to

In this workshop we will explore some of the key thought patterns, habits and emotions that may be keeping you stuck and preventing you from flourishing.

Discover ‘WellBeing at the Convent’ with a day of fresh
perspectives on wellbeing. Enjoy free talks, workshops and taster sessions, and chat with practitioners firsthand in their studios to learn more about the many practices which can help you flourish.
Whether you’re starting on your wellbeing path or have been walking it for some time, this is the perfect opportunity to try new wellbeing modalities in a relaxed environment, including hypnotherapy, yoga, Feldenkrais and meditation, discovering what works for you.

10am – 5pm, Saturday 28 October | WellBeing Wing, Abbotsford Convent,

1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford, Victoria