Why Good Corporate Health Makes Good Business Sense!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Organisations are beginning to understand the importance of developing good health and wellness programs for their staff. Some of these focus primarily on dealing with OH&S issues, some on developing employee assistance programs , and others even provide physical fitness options for staff. All of these make good business sense, as it pays to look after our most important assets, our staff! Often however these programs are in response to dealing with organisational problems such as high levels of anxiety and stress as a result of significant organisational changes, or stressful work. They are also often provided as a result of high levels of work cover or stress claims, and as such are often too little, too late. Sometimes organisations use these programs as part of specific initiative such as R U Ok day or Mental health week.

Becoming more strategic about corporate health and wellness programs and incorporating these as part of your core business strategy makes better business sense and will be more effective in the long term. Having a more strategic or ‘holistic’ approach to corporate health will also ensure greater effectiveness and commitment to individual programs. A more integrated approach to corporate health has the following benefits: It becomes part of the everyday culture of an organisation, good corporate health becoming ‘ the way we do things around here’ rather than specialised one off programs More consistent long term effects on staff health and morale (rather like exercising every day, rather than just occasionally) Integrating 3 key approaches; body, mind and supportive culture ensures all aspects of a person’s wellbeing at work are addressed Ensures management take greater responsibility and accountability for the welfare of their staff I have been working with Breathe Life to develop a new corporate health and wellness program which can help you implement a more comprehensive approach to your organisation’s health and wellbeing. It encompasses the 3 key areas mentioned above, healthier bodies, clearer minds and effective culture. For more information see, or contact me and we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss how we may be able to help you improve your corporate health and wellbeing.

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