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Managing Change


Anyone who has been involved in leading major organizational change initiatives will understand how difficult it really is. Detailed research, market analysis, diagnostics, project and implementation plans are obviously fundamental to implementing change successfully. However why is it that 70% of all organizational change initiatives fail? Although much of the research literature points to insufficient planning or organizational readiness and other reasons, the main issue is that despite motivation for change most people often struggle with having to change themselves,  their thinking, their attitude and their behaviours.


These workshops will help leaders to understand 3 different levels of thinking, to surface their own and other’s limiting beliefs and values and understand how these can sabotage change efforts. It will also give them practical strategies to achieve adaptive and longer lasting change and well as unlocking their own and their staff’s potential for development.


Benefits of these programs/ workshops:


  • Increased understanding of the key factors and barriers to organizational change and how to minimise these

  • Better knowledge of how to surface your own and others limiting beliefs and behaviours

  • Understand how to develop your own thinking level and support others to develop theirs

  • Be more confident in leading and managing change successfully in your own organisation/ tram.

  • Teams are able to more effectively work through and support each other during change initiatives


Program and workshop topics:


  • Immunity to Change-  why it stops us from changing

  • Changing Minds, Changing behaviours

  • Leading for Change

  • Teams for change 


These topics can be presented as short introductory informations sessions, as stand alone workshops, or as part of a leadership or strategic planning program.