Hypno-Tarot Therapy

Hypno-Tarot therapy combines two of the most powerful tools for creating positive change in your life.

The Tarot is a set of cards containing symbols, images and archetypes which represent major life principles and challneges and which we can recognise by our encounters through different stages of our life.   The Tarot can help us to identify the patterns and behaviours we are continually repeating and which require us to learn and grow in order to advance to the next stage or process of life.

Hypnosis is an altered form of consciousness, characterised by concentrated attention and relaxation, similar to mindfulness, allowing us to be open and receptive to positive suggestions aimed at helping us improve their lives. Hypnosis also uses symbols, stories, metaphors and creative visualisation to assist us better understand limiting patterns, beliefs, thoughts and behaviours in order to create positive and empowering change.

Using the symbols, archetypes and life stages of the Tarot combined with the consciousness altering state of Hypnosis creates a powerful new healing therapy.

Hypno-Tarot Therapy can help you to:

  • Clarify your life purpose and provide greater direction and meaning in your life

  • Identify and remove any repeated unconscious archetypal patterns and limiting behaviours that may sabotage your  progress.

  • Attract and maintain positive and supportive relationships

  • Gain greater insights, options and strategies for achieving your goals


Hypno-Tarot consultations are generally 90 mins and are recorded.

Hypno Tarot Therapy