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The importance of good emotional health as a foundation for personal effectiveness is only recently being recognised and understood.


Emotional health is defined by being able to understand and be responsive to our emotional experiences, making aware and constructive decisions. Emotionally healthy people take personal responsibility for their behaviours and choices, and are aware of the way in which they relate to and engage with others and the world around them. Increasing your emotional health will help you to expand your perspective on life and work, becoming more aware of and open to broader possibilities, and more able to take effective actions free of personal attachment to any one outcome.



Benefits of developing your emotional health:


  • Increased ability to understand your own emotions and make more effective decisions

  • Ability to recognise your emotional triggers  and how to minimize these

  • Increased emotional  resilience and ability to bounce from from difficult situations

  • Ability to engage with others more effectively, and improve personal and professional relationships 


Workshop and presentation topics:


  • Emotional Health at Work

  • Emotional Health for Personal Effectiveness

  • Developing your Emotional Resilience

  • Working more Effectively with Others

  • Increasing your Emotional Intelligence

  • Using the Enneagram to Understand your 'type'

  • Characteristics of Emotionally Healthy People


These topics can be presented as short introductory information sessions, as stand alone workshops, or as part of a larger program such as our Developing Confident Kids program which includes emotional intelligence, and is designed for both children and parents.

Emotional health