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Developing Confident Kids


The pressures and pace of modern life, overstimulation from technology and constant pressure to achieve and perform has created a world which is chaotic and stressful for children and their parents.  Parents often feel overwhemed by the challenges of modern parenting with little education or support on how to manage these challenges effectively to bring out the best in their children.

Children also often struggle to cope with the complexities and stress of their lives which can show itself  in anxiety and behavioural problems.


Individual programs are offered for parents and children to help them become more confident, calm and resilient.


Parents Program



  • Ability to recognise the symptoms of stress and anxiety and how to help your child overcome these

  • Greater understanding of the qualities of confident chidlren and how to support, develop and encourage these

  • Know how to more effectively lead by example and become a more 'connected' parent


Workshop and Program Topics :

  • Mindful & Connected Parenting

  • Maximising your Children's Confidence

  • Leading by Example


Children's Program (7-12)



  • Increased ability to deal with stressful situations

  • Enhanced social skills and assertiveness

  • Increased confidence and resilience

  • Practical tools to continue their development


Workshop and Program Topics:

  • Change your thinking, change your life

  • Developing your emotional intelligence

  • Mindfulness for decision making and problem solving

  • Confidence and personal resilience


These programs are conducted independentlly, but can also be organised through your school, kindergarten or childcare centre. Information sessions on the program can also be provided.