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Many people struggle to make the positive changes they wish for in their lives, assuming if they just tried harder or were more motivated they would achieve their desires. However what they are often not aware of, is how their limiting beliefs and unconscious patterning have created significant blockages to achieving their desired potential. Using a range of methods including counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, neurolinguistic programming, personality profiling and hypnotherapy, I can assist you to successfully make the positive changes you want in your life.


I work with adults and children and can help you to achieve positive results in the following areas:


  • Anxiety and depression

  • Low self esteem/ confidence

  • Phobias and fears

  • Addictions- drinking and smoking

  • Weight loss

  • Relationship issues

  • Pain management

  • Insomnia


Single Sessions cost $160. A Package of 3 visits costs $420. Sessions are approximately 1 hour 


My personal counselling practice is located both on the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne areas, with locations at Cranbourne , Frankston and  Rye, and also in the Wellbeing Centre, The Convent at Abbotsford.


Virtual Gastric Banding
Do you want to release your excess weight?
Have you tried various diets but somehow always managed to put the weight back on?
Then this remarkable new weight release program pioneered in the UK by Sheila Granger with a 95% success rate in a clinical trial is for you! It is a non surgical technique using the power of hypnosis to retrain the mind to be satisfied with smaller portions of food. It also helps people to change their attitude towards food and to regain control over cravings and ingrained negative habits.
Its a very safe and easy system, whether you need to release 5 or 50 kg!
Unlike the real gastric banding process which involves a costly and invasive operation and focuses only on the physical reduction of your stomach size, the Virtual Gastric Band also deals with the psychological issues which may have contributed to the weight gain.
The program consists of:
  •  6 one on one, 1 hour tailored sessions over 6-12 weeks
  •  A personalised recording to listen to daily
  • Additional techniques such as mindfulness, anchoring, Emotional Freedom Techniques, reframing and Mindset Management to assist with issues which may arise during the program
  • Strategies to change patterns for the long term
Cost of program is $1,150