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“Understand that change in organisations is inevitable, and it is how resilient we are that determines how successfully we will manage change.”

Organisational Change

Organisations today are facing challenging times. Globalisation of markets, economic downturn, rapidly changing technology and increased competition are creating an environment where change in organisations is a continuous and rapidly increasing reality. The ability to effectively survive and thrive in these challenging times relies largely on organisational, team and personal resilience. Resilience is the capacity to positively deal with significant challenges, to overcome obstacles and to ‘bounce’ back from adversity.


I can help you to:


  • Diagnose your organisation’s readiness for change


  • Develop change strategies which incorporate the ‘people’ side of change, engaging with and collaborating more effectively with staff, to minimise resistance to change and ensure people are on board with the changes


  • Design strategies to diagnose issues with, and to improve organisational culture


  • Develop personal, team and organisational resilience


  • Coach individuals to create the personal and professional changes they want in their life using a range of methods including hypnotherapy