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Are you Flourishing?

 When: Mondays 20th, 27th November, 4th, 11th December

Time: 6-7.30 pm

Where: The Wellbeing Centre, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford

Cost : $45 per session, or $170 for 4 sessions

As numbers will be limited to enable an interactive session, please book by email to ubaxter@bigpond.net.au

Are You Flourishing?

A series of workshops/ group discussions to help you flourish

Flourishing is living a life of fulfillment, happiness and meaning, achieved through positive growth and action. It can be measured in five aspects of our lives; our ability to maintain positive emotions; the way we engage and are ‘in the flow’ of our lives; our relationships and meaningful social connections; our ability to find meaning and purpose in our lives; and our accomplishments which give us confidence and pride in ourselves.

Session 1: Positive Emotions (20th November)

Are you happy? Positive emotion is not just about a forced, superficial jolliness, while we cover up our true feelings, but is about our ability to manage our emotions effectively, to focus on and choose positive emotions and thoughts as our default way of being. Based on the concept of emotional intelligence, this session will help you to better understand how your thoughts and emotions may be keeping you stuck and how you can change this.

Session 2:  Engagement and being in the ‘Flow” (27th November)

Are engaged are you in what you do every day? Being in the ‘flow’ and totally absorbed in whatever we are doing allows us to simplify our lives, feel less overwhelmed and stressed by the amount of ‘busyness’ and pressures we face. This session will help you to explore ways in which you can be more mindful every day and how these will significantly impact on your ability to flourish.

Session 3:  Relationships and meaningful social connections (4th Dec)

Who supports you in your life? Research suggests that people who have meaningful social and personal connections with others live longer. But how to achieve this if you are too busy to work on your relationships? We will focus on how to differentiate the relationships that support you from those that don’t and what you can do to build on and create meaningful connections with others.

Session 4:  Purpose and accomplishments (11th Dec)

Do you know where you’re going? Having a sense of meaning and purpose to our lives is like a light house which continues to show us the way, particularly when we stray off course. It also helps us take pride in our abilities and accomplishments. In this final session of the series we will discuss how our values and beliefs both support and hinder from truly flourishing, and develop strategies for moving forward positively.